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ICT, business, and scientificconsultancy

The bigger the business you run, the more things you have to do...

... and if you run a small business it seems YOU have to do EVERYTHING

Demands placed on businesses are ever changing and seemingly ever increasing. The need to cope with new technology, to remain competitive, and provide improved products and services to clients and customers is daunting. Legislation changes.

We can help

If you are concerned that you don't have the time or expertise to cover all the bases, don't worry, you are not alone. Few businesses have all the skills in-house or the time to acquire them, but we can provide a range of services to let you get on with running your core business.

What we do

We can help you with all aspects of ICT ande-commerce, project management, websites, training and training materials,research and development,optical and electronic designand software engineering. Find out more here.

This list is not exhaustive,and theProjects section of this site shows the diversityof work we have undertaken successfully in the past.Contact us using the details above or through our mailform if youwish to discuss a project.

About us

Steven Heddle Consultancy (SHC) has provided consultancy services to businesses and public sector agencies since 1999. For larger projects we can put together a team of associates totackle them on your behalf.Find out more here.

NB This site will continue to be developed. More information is being added in the form of links, references and additional information. Periodically check out Resources for New Cool Stuff. Nothing there just yet though!

Recent Projects:

2007 Orkney Folk Festival Audience Survey and Market Research
Orkney Photographic website

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