Project management

We can manage projects on your behalf, from drawing up a detailed plan to match your desired outcomes, through to completion.

By using the principles of the PRINCE2 methodology we can ensure a project is broken down into realisable stages with clearly defined deliverables (or 'products') for each stage, working towards agreed end results which will be a measure of success.

Such an approach allows the responsibilities and roles of the participants to be well understood, and for risks to be anticipated and managed appropriately.

Project support

We can support projects and collaborative working through use of the internet, with web based tools to enable access to vital information wherever you can connect to the internet. 

We can set up shared project management environments for use within a company, or for use among different companies e.g. between a main contractor and its subcontractors. Features of these collaborative environments include a group calendar, project management, time card system, file management, contact manager, and other modules which can be added.

By using open source software such as PHProjekt or dotProject we can set up powerful systems that can control multiple projects at low cost, with access for each project restricted to only those who should be there.

Alternatively we can assist in configuration of Groove workspaces for businesses that wish to license Groove or have it bundled with Microsoft Office. Groove comes into its own when you want a local copy of your information always, and may have difficulty accessing the internet all the time.

Case study: OBDAG



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