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Parlour Creels
Prawn Creels

23" Side entry with side Door.

There are two types of Parlour Creel, 'side' and 'top' entry. Parlours have the advantage of holding of the catch a better, allowing them to continue fishing over bad spells of whether. the site entry have the soft or hard eyes, and either end doors or a long site door for easy emptying and baiting.

Sizes of from 34"x18"x15" to 48"x20"x16.

Top entry have a change of 10 in bucket type entrances with a soft parlour eye inside. these are preferred for deep water fishing, especially for lobster or crawfish.

39" Side entry with 2 End Door.

36" Side entry parlour with hard eyes side Door.

30"x18"x16" top entry parlour pot end door.