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Optics and electronics

In the fields of optics and image processing we have experience in

  • optical design
  • sensors and interfacing
  • lasers
  • interferometry and measurement
  • coherent and incoherent imaging
  • digital and optical pattern recognition and image processing
  • matched filtering
  • multiscale analysis
  • complete system design and analysis

In the field of electronics we have experience in

  • digital
  • analogue
  • mixed signal
  • interfacing
  • control and driver software
  • board layout
  • prototyping
  • Orcad schematic capture
  • FPGAs
  • PLDs
  • EMC
  • system design and integration

These skills have been used in multidisciplinary projects where designs have been worked up from scratch to meet a requirement, through prototyping and test, to production design and manufacture.

Case study: VIP


Recent Projects:

2007 Orkney Folk Festival Audience Survey and Market Research
Orkney Photographic website

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