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We cancreate and deliver training for you related to most aspect of ICT and e-commerce. In addition we can create training materials such as CD-based courses that can be worked on alone or as part of a workshop, and this is covered in more depth in the next section.

Past training assignments include:

Broadbandseminars for ICT partnership

- series of seminars throughout Orkney to advise on how to make the most of broadband

Workshop for Inland Revenue business event

- wrote and facilitated 'Broadband for Business' session at event in Nairn

IT implementation training for Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service

- delivery of 3 hour training sessions covering basic use of Windows and applications and HIFRS intranet, to 6 Retained Stations in Orkney

Business Network Seminars for ROC Plus

- seminars on 'A website and beyond' and internet security


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A website and beyond...

Broadband for Business

Recent Projects:

2007 Orkney Folk Festival Audience Survey and Market Research
Orkney Photographic website

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